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Gene : BAG6 A. thaliana

DB identifier  ? AT2G46240 Secondary Identifier  ? locus:2062887
Name  ? BCL-2-associated athanogene 6 Brief Description  BCL-2-associated athanogene 6
TAIR Computational Description  BCL-2-associated athanogene 6;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Curator Summary  A member of Arabidopsis BAG (Bcl-2-associated athanogene) proteins, plant homologs of mammalian regulators of apoptosis. Expression of BAG6 in leaves was strongly induced by heat stress. Knockout mutants exhibited enhanced susceptibility to fungal pathogen Botrytis cinerea. Plant BAG proteins are multi-functional and remarkably similar to their animal counterparts, as they regulate apoptotic-like processes ranging from pathogen attack, to abiotic stress, to plant development. The mRNA is cell-to-cell mobile.
TAIR Short Description  BCL-2-associated athanogene 6
TAIR Aliases  ATBAG6, BAG6

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