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Based on the Arabidopsis eFP Browser by Winter et al., 2007. PLoS One 2(8): e718. Original eFP Browser by B. Vinegar, drawn by J. Alls and N. Provart.

Data from Gene Expression Map of Arabidopsis Development: Schmid et al., 2005, Nat. Gen. 37:501, and Nakabayashi et al., 2005, Plant J. 41:697 for the imbibed and dry seed stages. Data are normalized by the GCOS method, TGT value of 100. Most tissues were sampled in triplicate. Annotations and ATH1 lookup from TAIR: affy_ATH1_array_elements-2010-12-20.txt, TAIR10_pep_20101209, gene_aliases.20120207.txt.

This eFP Browser was written with Processing.