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What differentiates the various tissues of a plant? Welcome to the eFP Browser 2.0, a suite of interactive tools for visualizing gene expression data from Arabidopsis, Potato, Tomato, and Poplar gene expression databases. These data visualization tools enable researchers to explore which genes are expressed in which parts of the plant, and at what levels. Up to 40 genes can be visualized at a time, with user selectable colour schemes to represent varying levels of gene expression.

Display parameters such as Absolute/Relative data modes, data masking if samples have a high standard deviation or very low expression level, threshold clipping, label size and colour space can be adjusted on the fly. High resolution images can be downloaded for publication and URL's can be used to recall any given page view. A small heat map beside each gene entry allows for easy comparison of multiple expression patterns. Clicking on any given tissue will link to the data source for that plant.

Please be patient if there is a short delay in load time. These tools were written with Processing.