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Gene : EMB2024 A. thaliana

DB identifier  ? AT5G24400 Secondary Identifier  ? locus:2152906
Name  ? EMBRYO DEFECTIVE 2024 Brief Description  NagB/RpiA/CoA transferase-like superfamily protein
TAIR Computational Description  NagB/RpiA/CoA transferase-like superfamily protein;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Curator Summary  Encodes a protein with 6-phosphoglucunolactonase activity that localizes to the chloroplasts and the peroxisome. However, mutant phenotypes observed in pgl3 mutant plants can be complemented with a chloroplast-targeted version of the protein. PGL3 likely functions in the oxidative branch of the pentose phosphate pathway. pgl3 mutant phenotypes suggest that it is important in pathogen defense and maintenance of cellular redox homeostasis.
TAIR Short Description  NagB/RpiA/CoA transferase-like superfamily protein
TAIR Aliases  EMB2024, PGL3

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