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Transposable Element Gene : MUG4 A. thaliana

DB identifier  AT5G16505 Secondary Identifier  locus:505006619
Name  MUSTANG 4 Brief Description  transposable_element_gene
TAIR Computational Description  transposable_element_gene;(source:Araport11);Mutator-like transposase family, has a 1.4e-59 P-value blast match to GB:AAA21566 mudrA of transposon=MuDR (MuDr-element) (Zea mays);(source:TAIR10)
TAIR Curator Summary  Encodes a member of a domesticated transposable element gene family MUSTANG. Members of this family are derived from transposable elements genes but gained function in plant fitness and flower development. Known members include: AT3G04605 (MUG1), AT2G30640 (MUG2), AT1G06740 (MUG3), AT5G16505 (MUG4), AT3G06940 (MUG5), AT5G48965 (MUG6), AT3G05850 (MUG7) and AT5G34853 (MUG8).
TAIR Short Description  NULL
TAIR Aliases  MUG4

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