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Gene : TSF A. thaliana

DB identifier  ? AT4G20370 Secondary Identifier  ? locus:2005521
Name  ? TWIN SISTER OF FT Brief Description  PEBP (phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein) family protein
TAIR Computational Description  PEBP (phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein) family protein;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Curator Summary  Encodes a floral inducer that is a homolog of FT. Plants overexpressing this gene flower earlier than Col. Loss-of-function mutations flower later in short days. TSF and FT play overlapping roles in the promotion of flowering, with FT playing the dominant role and together playing an antagonistic role to TFL1 in the determination of inflorescence meristem identity. .TSF sequences show extensive variation in different accessions and may contribute to quantitative variation in flowering time in these accessions. TSF has a complex pattern of spatial expression; it is expressed mainly in phloem and expression is regulated by daylength and vernalization.
TAIR Short Description  PEBP (phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein) family protein
TAIR Aliases  TSF

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