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Gene : AT1G66800 A. thaliana

DB identifier  ? AT1G66800 Secondary Identifier  ? locus:2033394
Brief Description  NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein
TAIR Computational Description  NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Curator Summary  Its expression is enriched in non-root hair cells (compared to root hair cells) and this enrichment is associated with increase in the transcription-associated mark trimethylation of H3 lysine 4 (H3K4me3) and decrease in the Polycomb silencing-associated mark trimethylation of H3 lysine 27 (H3K27me3) in non-root hair cells relative to root-hair cells. Protein sequence is similar to Eucalyptus gunnii alcohol dehydrogenase of unknown physiological function (GI:1143445), apple tree, PIR:T16995; NOT a cinnamyl-alcohol dehydrogenase. The mRNA is cell-to-cell mobile.
TAIR Short Description  NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold superfamily protein

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