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Length: 1947  
Chromosome Location: Chr3: 3729305-3731251
Organism . Short Name: A. thaliana
TAIR Computational Description: syntaxin of plants 121;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Curator Summary: Encodes a syntaxin localized at the plasma membrane. SYR1/PEN1 is a member of the SNARE superfamily and functions in positioning anchoring of the KAT1 K+ channel protein at the plasma membrane. Transcription is upregulated by abscisic acid, suggesting a role in ABA signaling. Also functions in non-host resistance against barley powdery mildew. It is a nonessential component of the preinvasive resistance against Colletotrichum fungus. Required for mlo resistance. The syp121 point mutation results in stomatal phenotypes that reduce CO2 assimilation, slow vegetative growth and increase water use efficiency in the whole plant, conditional upon high light intensities and low relative humidity. The R20R21 motif of SYP121 are essential for SEC11 interaction. Mutation of the R20R21 motif blocks vesicle traffic without uncoupling the effects of SYP121 on solute and K+ uptake associated with the F9xRF motif; the mutation also mimicks the effects on traffic block observed on coexpression of the dominant negative SEC11?149 fragment.
TAIR Short Description: syntaxin of plants 121
TAIR Aliases: AT-SYR1, ATSYP121, ATSYR1, PEN1, SYP121, SYR1