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Length: 1833  
Chromosome Location: Chr2: 8987584-8989416
Organism . Short Name: A. thaliana
TAIR Computational Description: photosystem II reaction center PSB29 protein;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Curator Summary: Chloroplast-localized Thylakoid formation1 gene product involved in vesicle-mediated formation of thylakoid membranes. Thf1 antisense lines contain abnormal chloroplasts early in leaf development (chloroplasts have loosely stacked thylakoid membranes). Expression was induced in the light and decreased under dark conditions. G-alpha interaction partner that functions downstream of the plasma membrane�delimited heterotrimeric G-protein (GPA1) in a D-glucose signaling pathway. Localized to both the outer plastid membrane and the stroma. Probably involved in the metabolic pathway that controls the assembly of the PS II complex. The mRNA is cell-to-cell mobile.
TAIR Short Description: photosystem II reaction center PSB29 protein
TAIR Aliases: PSB29, THF1
Length: 213  
Chromosome Location: Chr2: 8988633-8988845
Organism . Short Name: A. thaliana
TAIR Computational Description: Natural antisense transcript overlaps with AT2G20890;(source:Araport11)
TAIR Short Description: NULL