MASTA is a tool for probing differentially expressed genes against a microarray database for in silico suppressor/enhancer and inhibitor/activator screens. The MASTA package allows to easliy analyze about 600 contrasts (eg. treatment vs. control or mutant vs. wild type) that were derived from publicly available microarray datasets in Arabidopsis.

MASTA includes five modules:

1) overlap analysis
2) plotting
3) differentially expressed gene (DEG) lists
4) DEG tables
5) identification of DEGs

Before using MASTA, you will need to have R installed on your computer. Click here to download R.

Download MASTA here /
Please read the MASTA manual for detailed instructions on how to run MASTA.

MASTA software is archived at the BAR with no warranty nor user support and is developed by the Yephremov Lab at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Germany.

MASTA is an entirely open project with all data freely available.
We believe that by sharing microarray data we can all benefit. Therefore, we highly appreciate if you would always upload your raw data (eg., CEL files) to ArrayExpress or Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO)

The current version of MASTA is 1.1. It will be updated soon.

For questions regarding MASTA or if you want to submit your microarray data, please contact Alexander Yephremov.