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  • Data visualization tools for multiple levels of plant data.

  • Explore data at different scales through a single interface.

    World eFP Viewer
    Plant eFP Viewer
    Experiment eFP Viewer
    Cell eFP Viewer
    Chromosome Viewer
    Interaction Viewer
    Sequence Viewer
    Molecule Viewer
    External Tools
  • Does EIF2 have a broad or narrow expression pattern?

    Heatmap icon

    Use the Heat Map Viewer for an overview of the expression patterns and subcellular localization information of all loaded genes / gene products.

  • Does SIN1 exhibit natural variation in expression?

    World eFP icon

    Use the World eFP Viewer to see natural variation of gene expression patterns in ecotypes collected from around the world.

  • Where is ABI3 expressed?

    Plant eFP icon

    Use the Plant eFP Viewer to see gene expression levels in various tissues of a plant.

  • What is the effect of drought on UBQ4 expression after 6 hours?

    Experiment Viewer icon

    Use the Abiotic Stress eFP View in the Tissue & Experiment Viewer to see the results of many gene expression profiling experiments.

  • Is the CESA10 protein localized to the cell wall?

    Cell eFP icon

    Use the Cell eFP Viewer to see where proteins are localized at the subcellular level.

  • Which chromosome is UBI6 on?

    Chromosome Viewer icon

    The Chromosome Viewer shows where genes are situated on chromosomes.

  • Which proteins are known to interact with AT4G17410?

    Chromosome Viewer icon

    The Interactions Viewer displays protein interactors for the currently selected gene product from our database of ~80k predicted and ~100k confirmed protein interactions, and 2.8M protein-DNA interactions.

  • Where are the binding sites on GOS12?

    Molecule Viewer icon

    The Molecule Viewer maps functionally important amino acid residues onto 3D models of proteins and highlights non-synonymous changes from the 1001 Genomes Project.

  • Does AT1G04950 have any known polymorphisms?

    Molecule Viewer icon

    Use the Sequence Browser to explore the genome from the chromosome down to the individual nucleotide level.

  • Don't know which genes to load?

    Use the Expression Angler to describe an expression pattern and search for genes with matching gene expression profiles.

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