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Title:To identify changes in gene expression during silique senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana
Description:The aim of the experiment is to compare and contrast the profiles of gene expression during silique senescence and to identify the molecular events that regulate the timing of the process. Silique occurs over a highly predictable time frame and as a consequence it may be easier to identify the molecular events that are critical for the process to take place than in systems such as leaf senescence. The material will be collected from 20 Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia plants (NASC order number N1093) grown under controlled conditions specified under NASC protocol: Baseline sample preparation. Two pods will be collected from each plant and pooled from 20 plants to reduce sampling variability. It is intended that 3 replicates of the experiment will be submitted. The RNA will be extracted from mature green silique tissues of 10 days after anthesis and senescing pod tissues of 20 days after anthesis using lithium chloride extraction protocol and cleaned with Qiagen RNAeasy column.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Yang_1-1_young-pod_Rep1_ATH1684mature and senescing siliques N1033TY001_ATH1_A1-Yang-YP-11-9.CEL
Yang_1-2_old-pod_Rep1_ATH1685mature and senescing siliques N1033TY001_ATH1_A2-Yang-OP-19-21.CEL
Yang_1-3_young-pod_Rep2_ATH1686mature and senescing siliques N1033TY001_ATH1_A3-Yang-YP-11-9_repeat.CEL
Yang_1-4_old-pod_Rep2_ATH1687mature and senescing siliques N1033TY001_ATH1_A4-Yang-OP 21-23.CEL
Yang_1-5_young-pod_Rep3_ATH1688mature and senescing siliques N1033TY001_ATH1_A5-Yang-YP_9-12.CEL
Yang_1-6_old-pod_Rep3_ATH1689mature and senescing siliques N1033TY001_ATH1_A6-Yang-OP_19.CEL