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Title:Effect of mycotoxin treatment on gene expression of wild-type and an altered sensitivity mutant
Description:Fungal secondary metabolites can not only cause toxic effects in animals and humans, but also serve as virulence factors of the producing fungi for causing plant diseases.Thus, the severity of plant diseases associated with mycotoxins depend on the sensitivity towards the toxin. In previous experiments, we have evaluated the phytotoxic effect ofa mycotoxin on root growth of Arabidopsis wild-type and mutant seedlings. Mycotoxin treatment of a new conditional root expansion mutant partially restores the expansion phenotype (JE100; Werner et al., unpublished). AIM: This experiment aims to identify genes, in early and later phases after mycotoxin treatment in wild-type and mutant seedlings. EXPERIMENTAL PLAN: Eight Affymetrix chips are needed for this experiment. RNA preparation will be provided from wild-type, accession Columbia, and mutant seedlings after different time points of mycotoxin treatment. As control, separate seedlings will be treated with the same concentration of solvent (DMSO). Briefly, seeds will ben, seedlings will be transferred to liquid MS medium and shaken for another 3 days for acclimatization. Seedlings will be harvested after 2 and 24 hours of tk,...), the experiment will be repeated three times and RNA samples will be pooled. EXPECTED RESULTS: The experiment should identify genes differentially expressed: 1) between wild-type and mutant seedlings, 2) upon mycotoxin treatment in wild-type, 3) upon mycotoxin treatment of mutant seedlings and 4) upon solvent treatment.;
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Werner_1-1_wildtype-2hr-control(c2s)_Rep1_ATH158715 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A1-WERNE-C2S.CEL
Werner_1-2_wildtype-24hr-control(c4s)_Rep1_ATH158815 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A2-WERNE-C4S.CEL
Werner_1-3_mutant-2hr-control(j2s)_Rep1_ATH1589Columbia JE10015 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A3-WERNE-j2S.CEL
Werner_1-4_mutant-24hr-control(j4s)_Rep1_ATH1590Columbia JE10015 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A4-WERNE-j4S.CEL
Werner_1-5_wildtype-2hr-zearalenone(c2t)_Rep1_ATH159115 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A5-WERNE-c2T_repeat.CEL
Werner_1-6_wildtype-24hr-zearalenone(c4t)_Rep1_ATH159215 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A6-WERNE-j4T.CEL
Werner_1-7_mutant-2hr-zearalenone(j2t)_Rep1_ATH1593Columbia JE10015 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A7-Werne-j2T.CEL
Werner_1-8_mutant-24hr-zearalenone(j4t)_Rep1_ATH1594Columbia JE10015 DAG seedlings MH001_ATH1_A8-Werne-j4T.CEL