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Title:Comparison of gonst1 mutant callus with WT
Description:The aim of this experiment is to compare two independent knockout mutations in the gonst1 gene (At2g13650) with WT. As the plants do not grow on soil, and poorly on agar, we have made callus cell culture lines, from which this RNA is prepared. GONST1 is thought to be a Golgi-localsied GDP-sugar transporter (Baldwin et al., 2001; Handford et al., 2004), although it's precise role in planta is unknown.Baldwin, TC, Handford, MG, Yuseff, I, Orellana, O and P Dupree. (2001) Identification and Characterization of GONST1, a Golgi-Localized GDP- Mannose Transporter in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 13, 2283-2295Handford MG, Sicilia F, Brandizzi F, Chung JH and P Dupree. (2004) Arabidopsis thaliana expresses multiple Golgi-localised nucleotide-sugar transporters related to GONST1. Molecular and General Genomics, 272, 397-410
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