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Title:Comparison between different Mediator subunit mutants in Arabidopsis
Description:To study Mediator function in development, we performed Affymetrix microarrays in different late flowering time mediator mutants; med8, med18, med25, and dreb2a mutant (Background Columbia). We included dreb2a because of its interaction with Med25 and it displays an early flowering time (Elvfing et al., 2011; Blomberg et al., 2012).Plants were grown in long days conditions with a day/night (16hr at 23°C/8hr at 20°C) period with a light intensity of ~110 ¼mol m-2 s-1. Leaves of med18, med25, dreb2a, and Col-0 were collected at the bolting time of Col-0. Total RNA was isolated from the powder of leaves samples using RNeasy Plant Mini Kit (Qiagen). The experiments were repeated at least 3 times.N. Elfving et al., The Arabidopsis thaliana Med25 mediator subunit integrates environmental cues to control plant development. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108, 8245-8250 (2011).J. Blomberg et al., Interactions between DNA, transcriptional regulator Dreb2a and the Med25 mediator subunit from Arabidopsis thaliana involve conformational changes. Nucleic Acids Res 40, 5938-5950 (2012).
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