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Title:The effects of the sfr2, sfr3 and sfr6 mutations on lyotropic stress responses
Description:Our goals are to discover the basis of the stress-sensitive phenotypes of the sfr2, sfr3 and sfr6 mutants, and to distinguish damage-repair from damage-prevention-related transcription in the wild type. The effects of sfr2 and sfr3 on cold-induced gene expression will be observed. Since sfr6 causes sensitivity to drought as well as freezing, the effects of sfr6 on the transcriptional response to drought is studied; an observation of cold-induced sfr6 expression is needed for direct comparison to the effect of drought. Unstressed mutants, and equivalently-stressed wild types, are necessary controls. The above experiments are conducted on tissue-culture-grown plants grown under 24 hr illumination for maximum reproducibility and comparability to other transcriptomic experiments.Freezing causes physiological changes even in a hardy, cold-acclimated wild type. During the recovery period, gene expression will reflect the induction of damage-repair processes distinct from the damage-prevention associated with cold acclimation. This will be detected by observing the wild-type transcriptome at two time points during recovery from a freezing episode. The appropriate controls is the unfrozen, cold-acclimated wild type. Plants for this experiment will be soil-grown in an 9/15 day/night cycle to the rosette stage, and this regime will be maintained during acclimation and freezing treatments.Cold-induction will be 10 days at 4°C; drought will be imposed by placing excised leaves in a desiccator for 6 h. The youngest fully-expanded rosette leaves will be harvested for RNA extraction.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Warren_1-10_wildtype-cold-A-10_Rep2601All aerial tissue N1092GW001_ATH1_A10-Warre-Wca.CEL
Warren_1-11_sf6-cold-A-11_Rep1602col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A11-Warre-6ca.CEL
Warren_1-12_sf6-cold-A-12_Rep2603col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A12-Warre-6ca.CEL
Warren_1-13_sf3-cold-A-13_Rep1604col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A13-Warre-3ca.CEL
Warren_1-14_sf3-cold-A-14_Rep2605col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A14-Warre-3ca.CEL
Warren_1-15_sf2-cold-A-15_Rep1606col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A15-Warre-2ca.CEL
Warren_1-16_sf2-cold-A-16_Rep2607col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A16-Warre-2ca.CEL
Warren_1-17_wildtype-drought-A-17_Rep1608All aerial tissue N1092GW001_ATH1_A17-Warre-Wdr.CEL
Warren_1-18_wildtype-drought-A-18_Rep2609All aerial tissue N1092GW001_ATH1_A18-Warre-Wdr.CEL
Warren_1-19_sf6-drought-A-19_Rep1610col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A19-Warre-6dr.CEL
Warren_1-1_wildtype-control-A-1_Rep1578All aerial tissue N1092GW001_ATH1_A1-Warre-Wna_repeat1.CEL
Warren_1-20_sf6-drought-A-20_Rep2611col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A20-Warre-6dr_repeat1.CEL
Warren_1-21_00f-A-21_Rep1612All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A21-Warre-00f.CEL
Warren_1-22_00f-A-22_Rep2613All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A22-Warre-00f.CEL
Warren_1-23_03f-A-23_Rep1614All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A23-Warre-03f.CEL
Warren_1-24_03f-A-24_Rep2615All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A24-Warre-03f.CEL
Warren_1-25_24f-A-25_Rep1616All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A25-Warre-24f.CEL
Warren_1-26_24f-A-26_Rep2617All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A26-Warre-24f.CEL
Warren_1-2_wildtype-control-A-2_Rep2579All aerial tissue N1092GW001_ATH1_A2-Warre-Wna.CEL
Warren_1-3_sf6-control-A-3_Rep1580col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A3-Warre-6na.CEL
Warren_1-4_sf6-control-A-4_Rep2581col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A4-Warre-6na.CEL
Warren_1-5_sf3-control-A-5_Rep1582col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A5-Warre-3na.CEL
Warren_1-6_sf3-control-A-6_Rep2583col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A6-Warre-3na.CEL
Warren_1-7_sf2-control-A-7_Rep1584col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A7-Warre-2na.CEL
Warren_1-8_sf2-control-A-8_Rep2585col-0All aerial tissue GW001_ATH1_A8-Warre-2na.CEL
Warren_1-9_wildtype-cold-A-9_Rep1586All aerial tissue N1092GW001_ATH1_A9-Warre-Wca.CEL