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Title:Investigating the links between organic acid and carbohydrate regulation of gene expression.
Description:Arabidopsis acetate non-utilizing mutants were isolated based on fluoroacetate resistant germination. Interestingly, a number of these mutants exhibited altered developmental characteristics in response to exogenous sucrose supply, such as bleaching of the cotyledons. A preliminary microarray experiment has already been conducted on one of the mutants, acn1-2. The gene expression analysis was done using 3 day-old seedlings of acn1-2 and the parent, Col-7, which were germinated on agar plates with and without exogenous sucrose. A cross-comparison of acn1-2 and Col-7 revealed that the expression of a number of carbohydrate responsive genes was altered in the mutant. The request for further microarray analysis is to confirm this result.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Greville_A-01-grevi-CC1_SLD519whole seedling N3731Greville_A-01-CC1_Rep1_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-02-grevi-CC2_SLD520whole seedling N3731Greville_A-02-CC2_Rep2_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-03-grevi-CC3_SLD521whole seedling N3731Greville_A-03-CC3_Rep3_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-04-grevi-AC1_SLD522col-7whole seedling Greville_A-04-AC1_Rep1_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-05-grevi-AC2_SLD523col-7whole seedling Greville_A-05-AC2_Rep2_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-06-grevi-AC3_SLD524col-7whole seedling Greville_A-06-AC3_Rep3_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-07-grevi-CT1_SLD525whole seedling N3731Greville_A-07-CT1_Rep1_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-08-grevi-CT2_SLD526whole seedling N3731Greville_A-08-CT2_Rep2_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-09-grevi-CT3_SLD527whole seedling N3731Greville_A-09-CT3_Rep3_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-10-grevi-AT1_SLD618col-7whole seedling Greville_A-10-AT1_Rep1_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-11-grevi-AT2_SLD619col-7whole seedling Greville_A-11-AT2_Rep2_ATH1.cel
Greville_A-12-grevi-AT3_SLD620col-7whole seedling Greville_A-12-AT3_Rep3_ATH1.cel