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Title:Ethylene signaling enhances salt tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
Description:Ethylene has been regarded as a stress hormone to regulate myriad stress responses. But how ethylene signaling is involved in the salt stress is poorly understood. To dissect the underlying molecular mechanisms, we performed transcriptome profiling of transgenic plants overexpressing EIN3 (EIN3ox), ein3eil1 double mutant and wild type Col-0. EIN3 and EIL1 are two key transcription factors in ethylene signaling pathway. For this analysis, 5-d-old seedlings treated with or without 200 mM NaCl for 6 h were used for RNA preparation. This design enabled us to examine the overlap in expression pattern among these plants, as well as to identify salt-induced and EIN3/EIL1-dependent genes.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Li_659-Col-0_Control_Rep_ATH17781271whole plant CS6673Col-0 control.CEL
Li_659-Col-0_NaCl_Rep_ATH17781272whole plant CS6673Col-0 NaCl.CEL
Li_659-ein3eil1_Control_Rep_ATH17781273Colwhole plant CS8052ein3eil1 control.CEL
Li_659-ein3eil1_NaCl_Rep_ATH17781274Colwhole plant CS8052 ein3eil1 NaCl.CEL
Li_659-EIN3ox_Control_Rep_ATH17781275whole plant EIN3ox control.CEL
Li_659-EIN3ox_NaCl_Rep_ATH17781276 EIN3ox NaCl.CEL