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Title:Expression analysis of nuclear pore mutants in Arabidopsis
Description:The Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) is an essential conduit for movement of protein and RNA between nucleus and cytoplasm. The NPC is a large macromolecular complex that is comprised of over 20 nucleoporins that are broadly conserved throughout eukaryote phyla. We have shown that Arabidopsis mutants with defects in the function of nucleoporin function exhibit pleiotrophic phenotypes including reduced root and hypocotyl elongation, early flowering and reduced stature of adult plants (Parry et al (2006), Plant Cell 18:1590-1603. We have identified mutants in different nucleoporins (nup62, nup54) that exhibit similar pleiotropic phenotypes.We have little knowledge regarding the gene expression changes that occur in these mutants. Therefore we have extracted RNA from 7do seedlings to assess the gene expression changes in nup62 (At2g45000), nup54 (At1g24310) and nup160/sar1 (At1g33410) mutants. We hope to identify suites of genes that are altered in these mutants and go some way to explain the phenotypic changes we observe. These novel insights will drive further experimentation into the critical role of the NPC in plant development.
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