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Title:Expression changes during polyploidisation
Description:Polyploidisation is frequent in higher plants and contributed significantly to their evolution and adaptation. The sucess of polyploid plants seems to be due to diversification that is least in part generated by major changes in genome organisation and epigenetic regulation. The aim of this experiment is to analyse changes in global gene-expression occurring after autopolyploidisation of an Arabidopsis thaliana line carrying a HPT transgene.Mittelsten Scheid O. et al., PNAS, 1996Mittelsten Scheid O. et al., Nature Genetics, 2003
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Baubec_615-1_diploid-lineC_Rep1_ATH17780623whole plant Baubec_3-1_diploid-line-C_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Baubec_615-2_diploid-lineC_Rep2_ATH17780622whole plant Baubec_3-2_diploid-line-C_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Baubec_615-3_diploid-lineC_Rep3_ATH17780621whole plant Baubec_3-3_diploid-line-C_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Baubec_615-4_tetraploid-lineC_Rep1_ATH17780620whole plant Baubec_3-4_tetraploid-line-C_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Baubec_615-5_tetraploid-lineC_Rep2_ATH17780619whole plant Baubec_3-5_tetraploid-line-C_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Baubec_615-6_tetraploid-lineC_Rep3_ATH17780618whole plant Baubec_3-6_tetraploid-line-C_Rep3_ATH1.CEL