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Welcome to NASCArrays information at the BAR. This page hosts meta-information from the NASCArrays service (2002-2013). This information was parsed from text files available on the NASCArrays site. NASCArrays data is on iPlant server. To download experiment data from iPlant, please click on the experiment number. To download the CEL files, please click on the ftp link.

Title:N6-adenosine methylation deficient plant
Description:The embryo leathal adenosine methylase (AT4G10760) tDNA knockout line SALK_074069 was partially complemented with its cDNA driven by the embryo specific ABI3 promoter. The partially complemented plants have reduced adenosine methylation and show pleiotropic phenotypes.Rosette leaves were harvested from 3-month-old plants maintained in growth camber under a 20 h photoperiod (23 degree C).
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Zhong_2-1_WT-rosette-leaf_Rep1_ATH17780602rosette leaf N1092Zhong_2-1_WT-rosette-leaf_Rep1_ATH1_1.CEL
Zhong_2-2_WT-rosette-leaf_Rep2_ATH17780603rosette leaf N1092Zhong_2-2_WT-rosette-leaf_Rep2_ATH1_1.CEL
Zhong_2-3_WT-rosette-leaf_Rep3_ATH17780604rosette leaf N1092Zhong_2-3_WT-rosette-leaf_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Zhong_2-4_A6-rosette-leaf_Rep1_ATH17780605Col-0 (Columbia, N60000)rosette leaf N574069Zhong_2-4_A6-rosette-leaf_Rep1_ATH1_1.CEL
Zhong_2-5_A6-rosette-leaf_Rep2_ATH17780606Col-0 (Columbia, N60000)rosette leaf N574069Zhong_2-5_A6-rosette-leaf_Rep2_ATH1_1.CEL
Zhong_2-6_A6-rosette-leaf_Rep3_ATH17780607Col-0 (Columbia, N60000)rosette leaf N574069Zhong_2-6_A6-rosette-leaf_Rep3_ATH1_1.CEL