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Title:Understanding the affect of maternal environment on seed dormancy
Description:Maternal environment is an important regulator of seed dormancy, but the mechanisms underlying the process are poorly understood. We have found that genes in the circadian clock control dormancy, in part through their regulation of the canonical photoperiod pathway known from research into flowering time control. In this experiment we compare the effects of altering seed maturation temperature or maternal photoperiod on dry seed transcriptomes, and the photoperiod-insenstive ft-1 mutant to wt type Ler. In this way we are identifying gene expression programmes which result from the seed's response to maternal environmental experience.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Penfield_2-10_Ler-10-degrees-long-day_Rep1_ATH17780428seeds NW20Ler-10_1.CEL
Penfield_2-11_Ler-10-degrees-long-day_Rep2_ATH17780429seeds NW20Ler-10_2.CEL
Penfield_2-12_Ler-10-degrees-long-day_Rep3_ATH17780430seeds NW20Ler-10_3.CEL
Penfield_2-1_Ler-20-degrees-long-day_Rep1_ATH17780419seeds NW20Ler LD_1.CEL
Penfield_2-2_Ler-20-degrees-long-day_Rep2_ATH17780420seeds NW20Ler LD_2.CEL
Penfield_2-3_Ler-20-degrees-long-day_Rep3_ATH17780421seeds NW20Ler LD_3.CEL
Penfield_2-4_ft1-20-degrees-long-day_Rep1_ATH17780422Lerseeds N65ft-1-LD_1.CEL
Penfield_2-5_ft1-20-degrees-long-day_Rep2_ATH17780423Lerseeds N65ft-1-LD_2.CEL
Penfield_2-6_ft1-20-degrees-long-day_Rep3_ATH17780424Lerseeds N65ft-1-LD_3.CEL
Penfield_2-7_Ler-20-degrees-short-day_Rep1_ATH17780425seeds NW20Ler-SD_1.CEL
Penfield_2-8_Ler-20-degrees-short-day_Rep2_ATH17780426seeds NW20Ler-SD_2.CEL
Penfield_2-9_Ler-20-degrees-short-day_Rep3_ATH17780427seeds NW20Ler-SD_3.CEL