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Title:Comparative transcriptome analysis between wild-type and gpa1 mutant in response to ABA
Description:Mutations in the heterotrimeric G-protein a-subunit of Arabidopsis, GPA1, leads to deficiency in ABA-induced stomatal closure (Wang et al., 2001). To further investigate whether GPA1 is involved in the regulation of gene expression in response to ABA, we examined the induction of known ABA-inducible genes in the gpa1 mutant and compared it to wild-type. We found significant differences in levels of ABA-induced expression between wild-type and gpa1 mutant. In order to systematically investigate GPA1 involvement in ABA signalling leading to gene expression, we are requesting the transcriptome analysis of the gpa1 mutant in response to ABA.In detail, 2 week old wild-type and gpa1 plants grown in the 16/8 hrs light and dark cycle will be treated with either ABA or with a control solution for 3 hours. 10 plants will be used per sample to produce RNA, to give 4 samples, one for each chip: gpa1-1 mutant in the presence (chip1) or absence of ABA (chip2) and wild-type (WS2) in the presence (chip3) or absence of ABA (chip4).
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Okamoto_A-1_gpa1-treated_Rep1_ATH1456ws-2whole plant N3911HO001_ATH1_A1-Okamo-gpal-ABA.CEL
Okamoto_A-2_gpa1-control_Rep1_ATH1457ws-2whole plant N3911HO001_ATH1_A2-Okamo-gpal-control.CEL
Okamoto_A-3_WT-treated_Rep1_ATH1458whole plant N1601HO001_ATH1_A3-Okamo-WS-ABA.CEL
Okamoto_A-4_WT-control_Rep1_ATH1459whole plant N1601HO001_ATH1_A4-Okamo-WS-control.CEL