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Title:The effects of mutants in stress response pathways on gene expression during senescence
Description:Many signalling pathways are involved in controlling gene expression during plant senescence. Pathways involving SA, JA and ethylene have a role in senescence but none are essential for the senescence process to occur. The aim of this experiment is to classify senescence-enhanced genes into groups depending on the signalling pathways that regulate them. This will provide useful information on the relative importance of each signalling pathway during senescence and allow us to separate potential senescence-specific genes and pathways from the stress response pathways.Mutants in genes in the ethylene pathway (ein2) and the jasmonate pathway (coi1) and the NahG transgenic plant which is defective in the salicylic acid pathway will be grown until the mid flowering stage. Fully developed green and partially senescent leaves will be harvested from the plants at this stage. In addition, two different lines of Arabidopsis (Col5 glabrous and Col-0) will be grown as controls. Leaves will be harvested from the two control plants before flowering (green) and at mid flowering as above. The control plants will be harvested at two stages to identify the senescence- enhanced genes. The effects of each mutation on the senescence related expression of these genes will then be studied.Mutant RNAs will be isolated in duplicate. The two control accessions will act as replicates for the wild type. Two wild type accessions will be used to reduce possible differences that could be observed the mutants due to slight differences in background.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-1-bwoll-C0G_SLD417fully expanded leaves N933Buchanan-Wollaston_A-1-C0G.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-10-bwoll-Co2_SLD430Columbiafully expanded leaves N3071Buchanan-Wollaston_A-10-Col2.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-2-bwoll-C5G_SLD418fully expanded leaves N1644Buchanan-Wollaston_A-2-C5G.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-3-bwoll-C0S_SLD419fully expanded leaves N933Buchanan-Wollaston_A-3-C0S.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-4-bwoll-C5S_SLD420fully expanded leaves N1644Buchanan-Wollaston_A-4-C5S.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-5-bwoll-NG1_SLD421Columbiafully expanded leaves Buchanan-Wollaston_A-5-NG1.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-6-bwoll-NG2_SLD422Columbiafully expanded leaves Buchanan-Wollaston_A-6-NG2.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-7-bwoll-Ei1_SLD423Columbiafully expanded leaves N3071Buchanan-Wollaston_A-7-Ei1.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-8-bwoll-Ei2_SLD424Columbiafully expanded leaves N3071Buchanan-Wollaston_A-8-Ei2.cel
Buchanan-Wollaston_A-9-bwoll-Co1_SLD425Columbiafully expanded leaves N3071Buchanan-Wollaston_A-9-Co1.cel