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Title:Transcriptome analysis of Col and Cvi accession seeds immediately after imbibition
Description:Arabidopsis Cvi seeds show deep dormancy compared with Col seeds. To reveal the difference of gene expression profile between Col and Cvi within short time after imbibition, we carried out transcriptome analysis using imbibed Cvi and Col seeds. Seeds were imbibed on filter paper moistened with water for 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour and 3 hours. Dry seeds were used as 0 hour samples. Total RNA was prepared from these seed samples and was used for the microarray analysis. We carried out triplicate microarray analysis using independent three seed batches.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Tatematsu_3-10_Col-seeds-1hr-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779103 Col 1 hour 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-11_Col-seeds-1hr-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779104 Col 1 hour 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-12_Col-seeds-1hr-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779105 Col 1 hour 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-13_Col-seeds-3hr-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779106 Col 3 hours 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-14_Col-seeds-3hr-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779107 Col 3 hours 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-15_Col-seeds-3hr-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779108 Col 3 hours 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-16_Cvi-dry-seeds_Rep1_ATH17779109 Cvi dry seeds 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-17_Cvi-dry-seeds_Rep2_ATH17779110 Cvi dry seeds 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-18_Cvi-dry-seeds_Rep3_ATH17779111 Cvi dry seeds 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-19_Cvi-seeds-15m-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779112 Cvi 15 min 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-1_Col-dry-seeds_Rep1_ATH17779094 Col dry seeds 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-20_Cvi-seeds-15m-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779113 Cvi 15 min 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-21_Cvi-seeds-15m-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779114 Cvi 15 min 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-22_Cvi-seeds-30m-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779115 Cvi 30 min 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-23_Cvi-seeds-30m-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779116 Cvi 30 min 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-24_Cvi-seeds-30m-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779117 Cvi 30 min 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-25_Cvi-seeds-1hr-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779118 Cvi 1 hour 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-26_Cvi-seeds-1hr-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779119 Cvi 1 hour 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-27_Cvi-seeds-1hr-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779120 Cvi 1 hour 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-28_Cvi-seeds-3hr-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779121 Cvi 3 hours 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-29_Cvi-seeds-3hr-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779122 Cvi 3 hours 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-2_Col-dry-seeds_Rep2_ATH17779095 Col dry seeds 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-30_Cvi-seeds-3hr-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779123 Cvi 3 hours 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-3_Col-dry-seeds_Rep3_ATH17779096 Col dry seeds 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-4_Col-seeds-15m-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779097 Col 15 min 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-5_Col-seeds-15m-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779098 Col 15 min 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-6_Col-seeds-15m-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779099 Col 15 min 3rd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-7_Col-seeds-30m-imbibition_Rep1_ATH17779100 Col 30 min 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_3-8_Col-seeds-30m-imbibition_Rep2_ATH17779101 Col 30 min 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_3-9_Col-seeds-30m-imbibition_Rep3_ATH17779102 Col 30 min 3rd.CEL