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Title:Transcriptome analysis during axillary shoot outgrowth
Description:In plant axillary bud dormancy and outgrowth are regulated by phytohoromones, but it is still unknown about its molecular mechanism. We reveal that Arabidopsis axillary buds located at axil of rosette leaves show dormancy and that this is broken by the decapitation of main stem, resulting in the bud outgrowth. To investigate about the molecular mechanisms of dormancy and outgrowth, we carried out gene expression analysis during axillary shoot outgrowth in Arabidopsis wild type Columbia accession. Since axillary buds did not initiate outgrowth (dormancy) at 5 day after bolting of main stem, we used 5-day bolted plants as a control (before decapitation). Then, main stems were decapitated, and axillary shoots were collected at 24 hours after decapitation (named as growing shoot). Total RNA was prepared from either control or growing shoots and used for the microarray analysis. We carried out duplicate microarray analysis using independent plant materials.Ref):Tatematsu et al., Plant Physiol. 138: 757-766 (2005).
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Tatematsu_2-1_axillary-buds-before-decapitation_Rep1_ATH17779090axillary buds Control buds 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_2-2_axillary-buds-before-decapitation_Rep2_ATH17779091axillary buds Control buds 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_2-3_axillary-shoots-at-24-h-after-decapitation_Rep1_ATH17779092axillary shoots Growing shoots 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_2-4_axillary-shoots-at-24-h-after-decapitation_Rep2_ATH17779093axillary shoots Growing shoots 2nd.CEL