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Title:Transcriptome analysis of cho1 mutant during and after seed germination
Description:Arabidopsis chotto1 (cho1) mutants show resistance to an ABA analog, (-)-R-ABA, in seed germination. CHO1 gene encodes a double AP2 domain transcription factors (At5g57390), and act in the ABI4-dependent genetic pathway. cho1 mutants are also resistant to high-concentrations of nitrate (>25 mM KNO3) during seed germination and post-germination growth. To reveal the role of CHO1 gene in seed germination and post-germination growth, we carried out gene expression analysis of cho1 and wild type (Col) seeds under 25-mM nitrate condition. Seeds were imbibed on the filter paper moistened with 25 mM KNO3 in 24 or 48 hours. Total RNA was prepared from dry seeds and imbibed seeds and was used for the microarray analysis. We carried out duplicate microarray analysis using independent seed batches.Ref):Nambara et al., Genetics 161: 1247-1255 (2002).Yamagishi et al., Plant Cell Physiol. 50: 330-340 (2009)
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Tatematsu_1-10_cho1-seeds-24-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep2_ATH17779087Col-0seed cho1 24h-imbibed 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_1-11_cho1-seeds-48-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep1_ATH17779088Col-0seed cho1 48h-imbibed 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_1-12_cho1-seeds-48-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep2_ATH17779089Col-0seed cho1 48h-imbibed 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_1-1_WT-Col-dry-seeds_Rep1_ATH17779078seed WT dry seeds 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_1-2_WT-Col-dry-seeds_Rep2_ATH17779079seed WT dry seeds 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_1-3_WT-Col-seeds-24-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep1_ATH17779080seed WT 24h-imbibed 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_1-4_WT-Col-seeds-24-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep2_ATH17779081seed WT 24h-imbibed 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_1-5_WT-Col-seeds-48-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep1_ATH17779082seed WT 48h-imbibed 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_1-6_WT-Col-seeds-48-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep2_ATH17779083seed WT 48h-imbibed 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_1-7_cho1-dry-seeds_Rep1_ATH17779084seed cho1 dry seeds 1st.CEL
Tatematsu_1-8_cho1-dry-seeds_Rep2_ATH17779085seed cho1 dry seeds 2nd.CEL
Tatematsu_1-9_cho1-seeds-24-h-imbibition-of-nitrate_Rep1_ATH17779086Col-0seed cho1 24h-imbibed 1st.CEL