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Title:Transcriptome analysis of pho3
Description:The aim of this proposal is to understand the impact of the pho3 mutation on the transcriptome.The mutant pho3 was isolated on the basis of a failure to induce acid phosphatase activity in roots in response to low Pi. The pho3 mutant had a P deficient phenotype in vitro and in the leaves of soil grown pho3 plants the total P content was again reduced. pho3 exhibited a number of characteristics normally associated with low-P stress, including severely reduced growth, increased anthocyanin content and starch accumulation. pho3 was shown to have an absolute requirement for exogenous sucrose as pho3 seedlings were arrested in early seedling development on sucrose-free medium and was unaffected by Pi-availability. pho3 was found to be insensitive to high concentrations of exogenous sucrose (10%) but was sensitive to glucose. pho3 also exhibited reduced sensitivity of seed germination to exogenous ABA (abi-phenotype), a response which has been linked to sucrose insensitivity in both sugar-sensing and ABA mutants. Two developmental stages have been selected on the basis of the physiological characterisation of pho3. Seedlings (1.02; 2 rosette leaves) grown in agar and compost-grown plants (3.90; rosette growth complete). Agar will be supplemented with 1% sucrose and 1/2 strength MS; plants will be grown under a 16 h light/8 h dark cycle. Comparisons will be made between pho3 and Wassilewskija (the genetic background of the mutant) at each stage.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
A1-LLOYD-PHO_REP1376ws-2Rosette leaves N2614A1-LLOYD-PHO_REP1.cel
A2-LLOYD-PHO_REP2378ws-2Rosette leaves N2614A2-LLOYD-PHO_REP2.cel
A3-LLOYD-PHO_REP3379ws-2Rosette leaves N2614A3-LLOYD-PHO_REP3.cel
A4-LLOYD-CON_REP1377Rosette leaves N1601A4-LLOYD-CON_REP1.cel
A5-LLOYD-CON_REP2380Rosette leaves N1601A5-LLOYD-CON_REP2.cel
A6-LLOYD-CON_REP3381Rosette leaves N1601A6-LLOYD-CON_REP3.cel