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Title:Gibberellin responsive genes in Arabidopsis
Description:The aim of the experiment was to identify early gibberellin (GA) responsive genes in the roots of an Arabidopsis GA deficient mutant. The GA deficient mutant used in this study is a transgenic line overexpressing the PcGA2ox1 gene. This mutant has an identical phenotype to ga1-3, but it does not require exogenous GA treatment for germination. Seeds were germinated on 1xMS + 1% (w/v) sucrose plates containing 0.7% gelrite, and grown under continous light. The plates were orientated vertically. After six days growth the plates were transferred to acclimatisation baths containing 1 x MS liquid media so that the roots were submerged. After 24 hours acclimatisation plates were treated with or without 2uM GA4 for 0, 30, 60 and 180 minutes. Root tips (up to the end of the elongation zone) were harvested from these plants (approx 150 per sample), giving a total of 7 experimental samples (1: untreated, 2: 30 mins GA4, 3: 30 mins untreated, 4: 60 mins GA4, 5: 60 mins untreated, 6: 180 mins GA4, 7: 180 mins untreated. Three biological replicates were performed giving a total of 21 root samples. Total RNA was isolated from the roots using the QIAGEN RNeasy method.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Thomas_1-10_Control-60mins_Rep2_ATH120979Col-0root tips Thomas_1-10_Control-60mins_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-11_Control-180mins_Rep2_ATH120980Col-0root tips Thomas_1-11_Control-180mins_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-12_GA4-30mins_Rep2_ATH120981Col-0root tips Thomas_1-12_GA4-30mins_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-13_GA4-60mins_Rep2_ATH120982Col-0root tips Thomas_1-13_GA4-60mins_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-14_GA4-180mins_Rep2_ATH120983Col-0root tips Thomas_1-14_GA4-180mins_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-15_Untreated-control_Rep3_ATH120984Col-0root tips Thomas_1-15_Untreated-control_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-16_Control-30mins_Rep3_ATH120985Col-0root tips Thomas_1-16_Control-30mins_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-17_Control-60mins_Rep3_ATH120986Col-0root tips Thomas_1-17_Control-60mins_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-18_Control-180mins_Rep3_ATH120987Col-0root tips Thomas_1-18_Control-180mins_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-19_GA4-30mins_Rep3_ATH120988Col-0root tips Thomas_1-19_GA4-30mins_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-1_Untreated-control_Rep1_ATH120970Col-0root tips Thomas_1-1_Untreated-control_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-20_GA4-60mins_Rep3_ATH120989Col-0root tips Thomas_1-20_GA4-60mins_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-21_GA4-180mins_Rep3_ATH120990Col-0root tips Thomas_1-21_GA4-180mins_Rep3_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-2_Control-30mins_Rep1_ATH120971Col-0root tips Thomas_1-2_Control-30mins_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-3_Control-60mins_Rep1_ATH120972Col-0root tips Thomas_1-3_Control-60mins_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-4_Control-180mins_Rep1_ATH120973Col-0root tips Thomas_1-4_Control-180mins_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-5_GA4-30mins_Rep1_ATH120974Col-0root tips Thomas_1-5_GA4-30mins_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-6_GA4-60mins_Rep1_ATH120975Col-0root tips Thomas_1-6_GA4-60mins_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-7_GA4-180mins_Rep1_ATH120976Col-0root tips Thomas_1-7_GA4-180mins_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: 2uM GA4
Thomas_1-8_Untreated-control_Rep2_ATH120977Col-0root tips Thomas_1-8_Untreated-control_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Thomas_1-9_Control-30mins_Rep2_ATH120978Col-0root tips Thomas_1-9_Control-30mins_Rep2_ATH1.CEL