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Title:Incompatible interaction Plasmodiophora-Arabidopsis
Description:A monogenetic inherited resistance phenotype to Plasmodiophora brassicae has been found in Arabidopsis ecotype Tsu-0. The dominantly inherited RPB1 gene mediates a hypersensitive-like response reaction. Inoculated roots of the resistant line will be compared to control roots at different time points after inoculation in order to get insights into the incompatible interaction. The corresponding dataset has been published (Siemens et al. 2006, MPMI). Furthermore, crossing experiments of the line Tsu-0 with mutant lines of salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene revealed no influence of these hormones in the resistance reaction. Furthermore, mutations of sgt1b and rar1 showed no influence on RPB1 mediated resistance, but a mutation of sgt1a (At4g23570) reveals to be epistatic to RPB1, indicating to protein ubiquitination and protein degradation as important part of clubroot resistance mechanism. The RPB1 locus has been localized to a region on chromosome 1 with 14 coding sequences according to the sequence of ecotype Columbia. One of these genes is polymorphic between resistant and susceptible ecotypes and encodes for a protein interacting with a SCF-complex. Therefor this gene is probably identical to RPB1.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Siemens_1-1_Tsu10dpi_Rep1_ATH120702roots N1564Siemens_1-1_Tsu10dpi_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Siemens_1-2_Tsu10dpi_Rep2_ATH120703roots N1564Siemens_1-2_Tsu10dpi_Rep2_ATH1.CEL
Siemens_1-3_Tsu14dpi_Rep1_ATH120704roots N1564Siemens_1-3_Tsu14dpi_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Treatment: Fourteen day old plants were inoculated by injecting the soil around the plant with 2 ml of a resting spore suspension with a concentration of 10 to 6 spores/ml of the pathogen Plasmodiophora brassicae isolate "e3".
Siemens_1-4_Tsu24dpg_Rep1_ATH120705roots N1564Siemens_1-4_Tsu24dpg_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Siemens_1-5_Tsu28dpg_Rep1_ATH120706roots N1564Siemens_1-5_Tsu28dpg_Rep1_ATH1.CEL
Siemens_1-6_Tsu24dpg_Rep2_ATH120707root N1564Siemens_1-6_Tsu24dpg_Rep2_ATH1.CEL