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Title:Arabidopsis E2F target genes
Description:Entry into the S phase of the cell cycle is controlled by the E2F transcitption factors that induce the transcription of genes required for cell cycle progression and DNA replication. To identify E2F target genes of Arabidopsis on a genome-wide scale, the transcriptome of wild-type plants was compared with that one of plants ectopically expressing the E2Fa-DPa genes. In four independent experiments, E2Fa-DPa overexpressing plants were grown side-to-side with wild type (Col-0) plants. RNA was extracted from 6-day-old seedlings. Each biological sample was harvested and processed independently, and finally all probed individually to Affymetrix ATH1 microarrays, resulting into 8 hybridization signals for each probeset.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
De Veylder_1-1_wildtype_Rep1_ATH13911whole plant De Veylder_1-1_Col1_Rep1_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-2_wildtype_Rep2_ATH13912whole plant De Veylder_1-2_Col2_Rep2_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-3_wildtype_Rep3_ATH13913whole plant De Veylder_1-3_Col3_Rep3_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-4_wildtype_Rep4_ATH13914whole plant De Veylder_1-4_Col4_Rep4_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-5_E2Fa-Dpa_Rep1_ATH13915whole plant De Veylder_1-5_E2Fa-DPa1_Rep1_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-6_E2Fa-Dpa_Rep2_ATH13916whole plant De Veylder_1-6_E2Fa-DPa2_Rep2_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-7_E2Fa-Dpa_Rep3_ATH13917whole plant De Veylder_1-7_E2Fa-DPa3_Rep3_ATH1.Cel
De Veylder_1-8_E2Fa-Dpa_Rep4_ATH13918whole plant De Veylder_1-8_E2Fa-DPa4_Rep4_ATH1.Cel