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Title:Over-expression of MBF1c enhances stress tolerance
Description:Multiprotein bridging factor 1c MBF1c (At3g24500) is a stress-response transcription co-activator. To test the function of MBF1c, we over-expressed it in transgenic Arabidopsis plants using the 35S-CaMV promoter. T4 seeds form 3 independent lines were tested for their tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress conditions. Constitutive expression of MBF1c in Arabidopsis enhanced the tolerance of transgenic plants to bacterial infection, salinity, heat and osmotic stress. Moreover, the enhanced tolerance of transgenic plants to osmotic and heat stress was maintained even when these two stresses were combined. The expression of MBF1c in transgenic plants augmented the accumulation of a number of sugars and defense transcrtipts in response to heat stress. Transcriptome profiling and inhibitor studies suggest that MBF1c expression enhances the tolerance of transgenic plants to heat and osmotic stress by partially activating, or perturbing, the ethylene-response signal transduction pathway. MBF1 proteins could be used to enhance the tolerance of plants to different abiotic stresses. Suzuki et al., 2005 Plant Physiology, submitted.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Mittler_1-1_control_Rep1_ATH13919whole plant Mittler_1-1_control_Rep1_ATH1.cel
Mittler_1-2_control_Rep2_ATH13920whole plant Mittler_1-2_control_Rep2_ATH1.cel
Mittler_1-3_control_Rep3_ATH13921whole plant Mittler_1-3_control_Rep3_ATH1.cel
Mittler_1-4_MBF1c_Rep1_ATH13922Columbiawhole plant Mittler_1-4_MBF1c_Rep1_ATH1.cel
Mittler_1-5_MBF1c_Rep2_ATH13923Columbiawhole plant Mittler_1-5_MBF1c_Rep2_ATH1.cel
Mittler_1-6_MBF1c_Rep3_ATH13924Columbiawhole plant Mittler_1-6_MBF1c_Rep3_ATH1.cel