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Description:Purpose: The purpose of the experiment is to identify additional primary response genes for cytokinins, which will serve as a starting point to investigate presently unknown signalling pathways of cytokinins. Rationale: Cytokinins are a class of plant hormones with pleiotropic effects. Due to lack of mutants and suitable systems to study fast responses of cytokinins the signalling pathways of the hormone are not well understood. Fast response genes would provide a starting point for biochemical and genetic studies of early events in cytokinin signalling. A great number of cytokinin-regulated genes has been identified in the past, however, most of the identified genes react slowly to cytokinins and are probably downstream targets and not primary response genes (Schmulling et al, Physiol. Plant. 100, 505-519, 1997). Only one class of rapid cytokinin response genes is currently known. This class of genes has been identified independently in maize and Arabidopsis. The proteins have significant homology to response regulators of the bacterial two-component signalling system and might function in cytokinin signalling. The strongest response shows the ARR5/IBC6 gene which is significantly up-regulated by cytokinins within 10 minutes (Ref.: Brandstatter and Kieber, Plant Cell 10, 1009-1019, 1998; Sakakibara et al., Plant J. 14, 337-344, 1998; Taniguchi et al., FEBS Lett. 429, 259-262, 1998). Material: The starting tissue of the experiments will be cell culture of Col-0. The culture is being grown in cytokinin free medium and will be induced by treatment with 0.1 microM BA. Material harvested at timepoints zero and 15 min will be used for comparison. As a positive control experiment, we have shown previously that the ARR5 gene transcript is in this culture at least six-fold more abundant 15 min after addition of cytokinin.
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