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Welcome to NASCArrays information at the BAR. This page hosts meta-information from the NASCArrays service (2002-2013). This information was parsed from text files available on the NASCArrays site. NASCArrays data is on iPlant server. To download experiment data from iPlant, please click on the experiment number. To download the CEL files, please click on the ftp link.

Description:Potassium (K+) is a major plant nutrient. In order to fulfil its many physiological functions K+ needs to be accumulated from soil and distributed over the whole plant. Experimental data suggest redundant pathways for root K+ uptake, and the Arabidopsis genome database contains a variety of putative K+ channels and transporters (several of which represented on the AFGC microarray). However, the physiological contributions of individual gene products are only poorly understood, and regulatory elements of K+ uptake and distribution remain to be identified. Here we propose to use microarrays as a tool for high-throughput identification of Arabidopsis genes involved in K+ nutrition, based on the hypothesis that key cDNAs are induced when K+ supplies become limiting for plant growth. Plants will be grown on 2 mM or 60 microM [K+], respectively, and mRNA isolated from 3 week old seedlings.
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