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Welcome to NASCArrays information at the BAR. This page hosts meta-information from the NASCArrays service (2002-2013). This information was parsed from text files available on the NASCArrays site. NASCArrays data is on iPlant server. To download experiment data from iPlant, please click on the experiment number. To download the CEL files, please click on the ftp link.

Description:Thaxtomin A is a phytotoxin produced by the gram-positive filamentous bacterium Streptomyces scabies, the causal agent of common scab disease in potato. We identified a mutant of Arabidopsis, designated txr1, which exhibited resistance to growth on media containing thaxtomin due to a difference in the rate of uptake of the toxin. The TXR1 gene was identified by map-based cloning and found to encode a 12.7 kD soluble protein with no apparent motifs or organelle targeting signals. The protein, which has homologs in all fully sequenced eukaryotic genomes, is expressed in all tissues of the plant. Microarray analysis of the effect of the mutation on the expression of 14,300 genes identified two stomatin-like genes that exhibited altered expression. We proposed that TXR1 is a component of, or regulator of, a dispensable transport mechanism.
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