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Welcome to NASCArrays information at the BAR. This page hosts meta-information from the NASCArrays service (2002-2013). This information was parsed from text files available on the NASCArrays site. NASCArrays data is on iPlant server. To download experiment data from iPlant, please click on the experiment number. To download the CEL files, please click on the ftp link.

Description:We isolated transcription factors from pepper plants inoculated bacterial pathogen. The transcription factors were induced during hyper-resistance(HR) reaction. Therefor we expect these genes could be involved in disease resistance mechanisms. As you know that it is very hard to do trnsformation in pepper plants. Therefore we generated several transgenic lines by using Arabidopsis. The sole reason to using Arabidopsis was that Arabidopsis has lots of sequences and the cDNA chip can be avaliable. Anyway our major goal is finding target genes of the transformed genes. For this purpose, we are trying to establish this system; functional analysis of pepper genes using arabidopsis. As a first step, we are trying to do a pilot experiment using one transgenic line over expression of AP2 transcription facot. We want compare col-0 as control plant and transenic line using tissues of leaves. In my oppion, this approach will be very useful both arabidopsis research and non-arabidopsis researcher. This approach give clues the fuction and/or working mechanisms of the gene in different organisms.
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