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Title:Cold induced changes in gene expression:differences between the Arabidopsis thaliana wild type and
Description:Arabidopsis sfr mutants are deficient in cold acclimation during exposure to cool-non-freezing temperatures. Although not visibly affected by the cold they have lost the ability to survive subsequent freezing. We plan to investigate how the sfr2 and sfr6 mutants respond to low temperature on the gene expression level. Wild type plants that have undergone identical treatments in parallel are necessary controls. The cold treatment of plants in the rosette stage (soil grown in a 8/16 hours day/night cycle) will be carried out in a cooled growth chamber at 4 degrees for 24 hours (same light regime treatment starting/ending at the 4th hour of light). The aerial parts of the treated and untreated plants will be collected and frozen immediately in liquid nitrogen for RNA extraction. Comparison of the cold response of thousands of Arabidopsis genes in the wild type to the situation in our freezing sensitive mutants will enhance our understanding of the cold response itself and illuminate the effect of the mutations on the cold acclimation process.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Bramke_1-1_WTC_ATH1186Aerial parts of whole plants N1092Bramke_1-1_WTC_ATH1.cel
Bramke_1-2_WTW_ATH1188Aerial parts of whole plants N1092Bramke_1-2_WTW_ATH1.cel
Bramke_1-3_S6C_ATH1178N1092Aerial parts of whole plants Not in stock centreBramke_1-3_S6C_ATH1.cel
Bramke_1-4_S6W_ATH1180N1092Aerial parts of whole plants Not in stock centreBramke_1-4_S6W_ATH1.cel
Bramke_1-5_S2C_ATH1182N1092Aerial parts of whole plants Not in stock centreBramke_1-5_S2C_ATH1.cel
Bramke_1-6_S2W_ATH1184N1092Aerial parts of whole plants Not in stock centreBramke_1-6_S2W_ATH1.cel