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Welcome to NASCArrays information at the BAR. This page hosts meta-information from the NASCArrays service (2002-2013). This information was parsed from text files available on the NASCArrays site. NASCArrays data is on iPlant server. To download experiment data from iPlant, please click on the experiment number. To download the CEL files, please click on the ftp link.

Description:The fatty acid composition of plant cellular membranes is highly conserved and subject to little change due to external influences. The majority of the fatty acids in the membranes are polynsaturated and 16 or 18 carbons long. In contrast, seed storage lipids can consist of fatty acids with different chain lengths, degree of unsaturation and a variety of side chains.Overexpression of an oleate hydroxylase from Castor (Ricinus communis), a protein specifically involved in the synthesis of seed oils, results in the accumulation of ricinoleic, lesquerolic and densipolic acid in the reserve oil from transgenic Arabidopsis plants (Broun and Somerville, 1997). However, despite the use of a strong constitutive promoter, no hydroxy fatty acids accumulate in the vegetative tissue of these plants. Furthermore, the lack of hydroxy fatty acids in root tissue was shown to coincide with the absence of any detectable hydroxylase protein (Broun et al., 1998). This indicates that the plant cell is able to quickly remove any unusual fatty acids which might interfer with the hydrophobic nature of the membrane and is able to down regulate the level of the hydroxylase. This experiment is designed to identify the genes involved in this process by comparing the expression levels of genes in non-transgenic Arabidopsis seedlings to those found in seedlings of line TA-14 (Broun et al., 1998). This line contains the oleate hydroxylase gene under control of the CaMV 35S promoter.RNA was extracted from whole, 2 week old, seedlings (Columbia ecotype) grown on MS medium (supplemented with 1% Sucrose) in vertically placed plates.
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