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Title:Identification of nuclear genes regulated by protoporphyrin IX-mediated retrograde signalling
Description:Background Plastids communicate with the nucleus by means of retrograde plastid signals. The far-red (FR) light insensitive Arabidopsis mutant laf6 disrupted in a plastid-localised ABC-like protein (atABC1) accumulates the plastid signal protoporphyrin IX (proto IX) and has attenuated nuclear gene expression (Moller et al.2001 Genes Dev. 15:90-103). Our data suggests that proto IX accumulation results in hypocotyl elongation in response to FR light and we have demonstrated that by inhibiting the plastid localised protoporphyrinogen IX oxidase (PPO) using flumioxazinwild-type plants phenocopy laf6 by accumulating proto IX with a concomitant loss of hypocotyl growth inhibition in a dose-dependent manner. It is at present unclear what effect increased proto IX has on nuclear gene expression and how this is integrated with photomorphogenic responses such as hypocotyl elongation.Aim
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Moller_laf6-FR1120LerWhole seedlings SGM001_AG_A2-laf6-FR1.CEL
Moller_laf6-FR2122LerWhole seedlings SGM001_AG_A3-laf6-FR2.CEL
Moller_WT-FR1128 SGM001_AG_A6-WT-FR1.CEL
Moller_WT-FR1-Flumi124 SGM001_AG_A4-WT-FR1-Flumi.CEL
Moller_WT-FR2126 SGM001_AG_A5-WT-FR2-Flumi.CEL
Moller_WT-FR2-Flumi118Whole seedlings SGM001_AG_A1-WT-FR2-Flumi.CEL