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Title:Identification of global gene expression in cir1 and cir1:ein2 plants
Description:The Arabidopsis mutant cir1 displayed constitutive expression of defence genes and enhanced resistance to the virulent pathogens Pseudomonas syringae pv tomato (Pst) and Peronospora parasitica Noco2. In order to dissect the downstream signalling components constitutively activated in cir1, cir1 plants were crossed to the ethylene-insensitive mutant ein2. Resistance to Pst was abolished in cir1:ein2 plantswhile resistance to P. parasitica Noco2 was maintained. Thus CIR1-mediated resistance to Pst appears to be dependent on ethylene signalling through EIN2but resistance to P. parasitica Noco2 is EIN2-independent. The aim of the proposed experiment is to identify EIN2 dependent and independent global gene expression in cir1 plants. It is likely that expression of a sub-set of EIN2-dependent genes in cir1 are required for resistance to Pst whereas EIN2-independent genes may be required for P.parasitica Noco2 resistance. Identification and analysis of genes in these sub-sets may reveal common regulatory mechanisms and may extend the understanding of resistance to Pst and P. parasitica Noco2 in Arabidopsis. This information should be of interest to the Arabidopsis disease resistance community. Total RNA will be extracted from leaf tissue harvested from five-week old soil-grown plants.
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Slide Information:
Slide IDSlide NameGenetic BackgroundTissueStock CodeCel File
Murray_A1_cr1_Rep1_AG58PR1-lucRosette Leaves Murray_A1_cr1_Rep1_AG.cel
Murray_A1_cr1_Rep1_ATH1409PR1-lucRosette Leaves SHM002_ATH1_A1-Murra-cr1.CEL
Murray_A2_ce2_Rep1_AG60PR1-lucRosette Leaves SHM001_AG_A2_ce2.CEL
Murray_A2_ce2_Rep1_ATH1410PR1-lucRosette Leaves SHM002_ATH1_A2-Murra-ce2.CEL
Murray_A3_en2_Rep1_AG59PR1-lucRosette Leaves SHM001_AG_A3_en2.CEL
Murray_A3_en2_Rep1_ATH1411PR1-lucRosette Leaves SHM002_ATH1_A3-Murra-en2.CEL
Murray_A4_luc_Rep1_AG61Col-0 N1092Rosette Leaves SHM001_AG_A4_luc.CEL
Murray_A4_luc_Rep1_ATH1412Col-0 N1092Rosette Leaves SHM002_ATH1_A4-Murra-luc.CEL